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ACCLAIM CardThis individual chiropractic discount card, developed by OSCIPA, has been very well received by our members in Oklahoma as well as doctors in several other states. The ACCLAIM card is a true benefit that you can offer to your patients who are uninsured or underinsured with respect to chiropractic benefits.

The ACCLAIM card is not a network access card. It can only be used when insurance benefits do not exist or have been exhausted. There is no fee schedule that you agree to use, no claims to file, no pre-authorization requirements to adhere to and no credentialing process for you to satisfy in order to participate. Additionally, your patients don't have to meet pre-existing condition requirements in order to purchase this card. The savings can start as soon as they apply!

What will the ACCLAIM card do for you? The ACCLAIM card allows your office to use one fee schedule for all patients, your usual charge, whether covered by health insurance or not. This simplifies your front desk procedures and enables you to avoid any legal, ethical, or potential HIPAA problems associated with having dual fee schedules. Should a patient lose their health insurance coverage or exhaust their chiropractic benefits, they will access the same fee schedule, with similar discounts, that health plans receive. The ACCLAIM card eliminates the credibility and perceptual problems experienced when using different fee schedules for insured and cash patients. The ACCLAIM card gives you the tool to avoid giving too deep a discount when you offer individual discounts to your cash patients.

Your patients simply purchase the ACCLAIM card from OSCIPA for a low annual fee. They, in turn, will receive a twenty-five percent discount from your standard fee schedule for all the chiropractic health, diagnostic or radiology services they receive. In addition, all family members living in the same household can be included under the same ACCLAIM card membership at no additional charge. This card also promotes patient retention because you are their designated chiropractor in this program. If your patients want to receive these discounts from another chiropractor, they would have to purchase another ACCLAIM card from that physician. OSCIPA will mail membership cards to your patients within three weeks of receipt of the application. All proceeds from the sale of the ACCLAIM card go towards funding the research activities of our organization and promoting chiropractic medicine.

Physician Enrollment

Both OSCIPA member chiropractors and Non-Members may participate and take advantage of the ACCLAIM Program. Call our office or email us at acclaim@oscipa.com to request your Acclaim Program kit. You will receive the ACCLAIM application brochures for your patients to fill out and you will get a brochure display and window cling for your office. When you sign up your first patient for ACCLAIM, you will be listed in our Find A Doctor Directory as an ACCLAIM Card participating office.


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