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* OSCIPA No Longer Active

OSCIPA dissolution was authorized on January 21, 2014.  Notification has been filed with the State of Oklahoma.  

The Board wishes to thank you for your support of OSCIPA.  We encourage you to consider joining another not-for-profit state chiropractic association, such as the Oklahoma Chiropractors' Association, which promotes industry standards of conduct, practice, training and continuing education within the chiropractic profession in the state of Oklahoma. 

Questions may be directed to info@oscipa.com 


The Acclaim program is now managed by the Oklahoma Chiropractors' Association. Visit the OCA website at http://www.okchiropractors.org/

You may contact the ACCLAIM program at: acclaim04@yahoo.com

NEW ACCLAIM ADDRESS: PO Box 2161, Broken Arrow, OK 74013-2161

Future Seminars:

We encourage you to contact the Oklahoma Chiropractors' Association for future seminars. Visit the OCA website at http://www.okchiropractors.org/


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